Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UK Schools Teach to the (Holocaust) Test

The British government has apparently taken the lead on having the most-PC public schools around. Last week it was announced that under a new program, each school will employ a "Holocaust specialist" to oversee uniform teaching of the issue to students. Additionally, the article notes that the specialist "will ask teachers for their definition of 'Holocaust' and whether they think teaching children about it is important."

And though Britain does not have a law against Holocaust denial as of this writing (as do 13 European Union members), they aren't too keen on it, having arrested and extradited individuals for governments of other countries and even getting in the action themselves.

As I've said many times before, I'm not pro-Holocaust denial, but I am pro-free speech and against government-imposed censorship in all its forms. Because it is unpopular speech that must be protected.

But now, the British government is going to steal money from productive members of society to indoctrinate the official stance about the issue into children that they've mandated to be in school. That doesn't sound too free to me.

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visceral said...

Not enough people know about the holocaust. I think America needs this more than England does.